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Sandbar & Entertainment

The Sandbar & Grille

Keep a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand! 

We're currently CLOSED for the season but make plans to come out to the Sandbar & Grille right on the Avalon Beach where bikinis and bathing suits are welcome in May 2015. Nothing says summer like enjoying one of our fresh salads, sandwiches or wraps with an ice cold beer or cocktail. You can even grab a hot dog or chicken fingers for the kids!
  • Open Daily/Seasonally mid-May through mid-September. Sandbar hours and events are always weather permitting. 11AM – Sun Down
  • Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM complete with great drink specials including $3 domestic drafts, tropical frozen drinks and live entertainment on Saturday and Sundays from 1PM-4:30PM.
  • Live Entertainment! Schedule coming in May

Don't forget to get your Sandbar VIP card next time you visit. Just ask your bartender or server for more details!

Sandbar Entertainment

23: Mike Maguire; Brian Quinn
24: Cultureal; Sacred Vibration
25: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
30: Audrey Snow; Brian Quinn
31: Tritide; Sacred Vibration
Mike Maguire; Brian Quinn
  7: Cultureal; Sacred Vibrations
13: Audrey Snow; Mike Thompson
14: Tritide; Cultureal
19: Pure Jerry
20: Brian Quinn; Mike Thompson
21: Cultureal; Sacred Vibration
22: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
25: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
26: Rad & Kel; Happy Dog
27: Audrey Snow; Brian Quinn
28: Tritide; Sacred Vibration
29: Looshe Catastrophe Duo

Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
  3: Rad & Kel; Pure Jerry
  4: Brian Quinn; Tritide
  5: Cultureal; Sacred Vibration
  6: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
  9: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
10: Rad & Kel; Happy Dog
11: Audrey Snow; Brian Quinn
12: Happy Dog; Tritide
13: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
16: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
17: Rad & Kel; Pure Jerry
18: Brian Quinn; Mike Thompson
19: Sacred Vibration; Cultureal
20: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
23: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
24: Rad & Kel; Pure Jerry
25: Audrey Snow; Brian Quinn
26: Tritide; Sacred Vibration
27: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
30: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
31: Rad & Kel; Happy Dog

Mike Thompson; Brian Quinn
  2: Happy Dog; Cultureal
  3: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
  6: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
  7: Rad & Kel; Pure Jerry
  8: Audrey Snow; Mike Thompson
  9: Tritide; Sacred Vibration
10: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
13: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
14: Rad & Kel; Happy Dog
15: Tony Flag Duo 650; Brian Quinn
16: Cultureal; Sacred Vibration
17: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
20: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
21: Rad & Kel; Happy Dog
22: Audrey Snow; Brian Quinn
23: Happy Dog; Tritide
24: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
27: Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
28: Rad & Kel; Pure Jerry
29: Mike Maguire; Brian Quinn
30: Sacred Vibration; Cultureal
31: Looshe Catastrophe Duo

Tony Flagiello’s Sun Sessions
  4: Rad & Kel; Happy Dog
  5: Audrey Snow; Brian Quinn
  6: Tritide; Sacred Vibration
  7: Looshe Catastrophe Duo
12: Audrey Snow
13: Cultureal
19: Mike Thompson
20: Tritide
26: Mike Maguire
27: Sacred Vibration

Sandbar Drink Specials

Happy Hour 4PM - 6PM 

  • $5 SKYY Vodka, Cruzan Rum Drinks & Drink of the Day

Daily Drink Specials – Available Open to Close (Summer Season Only)

  • Monday - $2 Bud Light Drafts, $3 Landshark Drafts
  • Tuesday - $3 Kona, $5 Captain Morgan drinks
  • Wednesday - 1/2 Price Pizza (4-7PM @ the Bar Only), $3 Victory Summer Love cans
  • Thursday - $2 Red Stripe, $2 Off Frozen Drinks
  • Friday - $3 Bud Light Drafts and Bud Light Lime cans
  • Saturday – $3 Corona and Corona Lights, $5 Drink of the Day
  • Sunday - $3 Red Stripe, $3 Landshark and Kona cans (16 oz), $5 Drink of the Day

VIP Card Specials - Available Open to Close (Summer Season Only)

  • 10% off dining in all restaurants, for all meals (discount applies to total food purchase, including theme nights - alcohol not included)
  • Happy Hour Pricing All Day! Monday through Saturday at Seaglass and the Sandbar
  • $1 Bud Light Drafts on Mondays

The Sandbar at the Golden Inn, where you can keep a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand! Ask your bartender or server how to get your VIP Card! We’ll see you there - 79th Street and the Beach, Avalon Must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages.